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Negotiation Strategies for Professionals: How to Ask For More

March 11 from 6pm to 8pm

It pays to be persuasive — especially when it comes to your career. Negotiations are not just about the billion dollar deals, boardroom strategies, or company takeovers; it’s a process we use daily. Negotiation can lead to higher salaries, greater startup equity, and better titles, yet most of us accept the first offer we get because we don’t have the skills or know the strategies to try.

This panel discussion is designed to help you understand the process of negotiation, using techniques and steps you can apply in getting what you want successfully.

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming interview, asking for a pay raise, going after a new title, or requesting more work from home flexibility — knowing how to effectively negotiate compensation is necessary for every profession.

GA Chicago @ 150 N Wacker
150 N Wacker, Suite 2600
Chicago, IL

Cost: $60

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