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How To Market & Promote Your Business Without A Budget

February 12 from 6pm to 7:30pm

People in sales and/or running their own business (of any size) don’t always have enough time and/or funds available to promote their products and services to potential clients/customers. You might be offering the best “deal” available to your target audience, but if they don’t know about it, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is having the most effective strategy for your situation. Whether you have $50 or $50,000 to spend, or ten minutes or ten hours per week to devote to it.

Workshop leader Dave Kohl will provide you with methods for growing your business or occupation. His unique combination of “Experience, Innovation, and Management” fits almost any occupation.

HOW TO MARKET AND PROMOTE WITHOUT A BUDGET is ideal for entrepreneurs, managers, sales people, self-employed, and students.

This basic one hour workshop includes time to spend time on everyone’s specific needs, even though the entire group gains from learning a variety of strategies.

How does your potential customer base know of your personal expertise? Where are the best places to get yourself in front of as many as possible? What important research do you have about your competitors? Who will you next contact that you have not approached before?

People don’t buy from companies. They buy from people. They rarely, if ever, pay attention to obvious advertising, but do pay attention to someone that can help them to address a need.

This Workshop is designed to help put you in the best position to increase your income without increasing your spending to get it. And keep it going. Use your strategies for as long as you need to!

Stress Relief Oasis
9500 S. Avers #1100
Evergreen Park, IL

Cost: $10.00

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