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Chicago Node: NestJS: A Node Framework That's Just Right

August 20 at 6pm to August 21 at 8pm

Node web frameworks come in a variety of flavors. From the minimalist router that is Express to the highly-opinionated set of patterns given by Sails, but if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit of both, there’s a new framework in town. NestJS is a progressive, server-side framework that offers developers a reliable core architecture pattern with the ability to extend it at will. It combines some of the most popular Node libraries with Typescript and dependency injection to offer a developer experience that’s quite different from other Node frameworks, but may be more comfortable for developers moving from Rails or Laravel. In this introduction to NestJS, we’ll talk about where it fits in the Node framework landscape and some of the features that make it a pleasure to work with. We’ll look at real code, but keep the talk high-level enough that you won’t have to know Typescript to follow along.

Fullstack Academy of Code
405 West Superior Street
Chicago, IL

Cost: FREE

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