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Interview Improv for Chicago Tech Stars

July 23 from 6pm to 8pm

Want to have some fun, drinks, make new friends, build your professional network, and practice your interview pitch skills? --- This will be the best 2 hours for your career you’ve had in a while! Are you a hiring manager who wants to improve their offer acceptance rates and get better at predictive performance hiring? Or are you looking to elevate your Chicago Tech career and want to boost the perception of the value you bring during your interview? You’ll get to network with other Tech Stars, SaaSy Managers, & IT Wizards while learning new strategies that help you shortcut the interview process to get insanely good results… no matter which side of the table you’re on. We’ll kick off with some light food and drinks… then I’ll show you the quick and simple XYZ strategy that helps you either hire the best person --- or set yourself up to be the best hire. Then we’ll play a quick improv game to practice our pitches as candidates and hiring managers… it builds empathy, emotional intelligence, strategic awareness, and many more skills that can help you get a 10-30% boost in your team performance, salary, and job satisfaction. It’s free and fun… so join us now!

Michigan Plaza
205 Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL

Cost: FREE

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