eSpark Learning

Senior Product Designer

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Success means growth — we want eSpark to reach millions of students and for our students to grow dramatically in ways that set them up for future success. As a Senior Product Designer, you will work closely with the Product Manager, the engineering team, as well as students and teachers to turn user needs, problems and opportunities into well-designed and usable products and features. If you are excited by this challenge, then join us!

At eSpark, we are building the next generation of tools to help students succeed in school and in life. Using student data and teacher insight, we create a personalized and creative learning experience for each student. It’s life-changing impact: each school year students who learn reading and math through eSpark are measurably more likely to be on track for college and learning the skills to be successful in life. Join our team and be a part of the product development process from the beginning to end.

Location: Chicago