eSpark Learning

Associate Software Engineer

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As a Software Engineer at eSpark you will shape the culture of a growing team as you use technology to meet the great challenges facing education, including:

Build compelling and intuitive products that work in schools. Delight our students and educators by meeting their unique needs and helping them achieve fantastic learning outcomes.
Enable deeply personalized curriculum. You'll help build the discovery engine that matches curricula to each student's unique academic experience and interests using data to learn and improve over time.
Deliver learning at scale. With more than 100,000 students and accelerating growth, we need robust systems that can grow quickly without disrupting students' learning experience.
With so many students relying on our applications, we’re keen to use the best tools for the job. Ruby, Rails and React continue to serve us well as we strive to build ambitious features while investing equal energy and enthusiasm in the analysis and elimination of system defects and their root causes. Our focus is first and foremost on delivering robust features that improve the classroom experience for students and teachers.

Location: Chicago