Food Genius, a US Foods company

Data Scientist (NLP / Python)

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- Familiarity with building transient and on ­demand services (machines that turn on when needed, turn off when they aren’t)
- Are capable of prototyping a data pipeline and growing it to scale (taking a one ­off proof­-of ­concept project, abstracting its concepts, and operationalizing it)
- Capable of understanding and communicating to a layman
- Get excited about monitoring things. Anything really. Just really into transparency

- Significant experience in building applications that either process or analyze data
- Have experience working with or building distributed systems (many machines doing a small amount of work)
- Experience in some sort of scripting language, preferably Python
- Experience in some sort of compiled language, whether it be Java, C++, or even Go (we use a lot of Go)
- Demonstrated experience in working with infrastructure ­on-­demand services like AWS’s EC2.
- Knowledgeable in large­scale data processing tools, ­­anything Hadoop ­based or a newer player like Spark.
- Experience working with the full stack needed to create a modern application­­ SQL, caching strategies, deployment techniques, etc.
- Knowledgeable in modern workflows (Git, CI, CD, Vagrant, any provisioning tool, etc.)


Location: 1144 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607